Difference between 08 250 vs 450

Im trying to figure out what other differences the 08yz250f and the 08 yz450f are. from what ive read the 250 has a little bit of shorter wheelbase and a lighter spring rate.

A little backround of my riding are 10years old i learned on a xr50 moved up to a xr80 few years later i got a kx80 then a kx 125 to a rm125...stoped riding for about 5 years or so and bought a yz250...i figure what better way to hurt myself than to get a new 08 yz450f. my weight is around 165 my guess would be if i weighed about 20 pounds more it would feel the same...or am i way off?

What are you trying to ask? The 250F had a smaller engine and puts out less power, but it revs higher. The 450 puts out more power, weighs more, and is a longer lived engine.

Im asking is there any differences besides a little longer wheel base, engine, and spring rate along with about 10 pounds more weight. Im trying to figure out why my 450 seems to be alot more rough than my friends 250..

if thies are the only differences i will try and get my suspension tweaked to get the feeling of the 250f

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