skidplate opinions needed...

Who makes the most rugged and most protective skidplate for the 400\450\520\525? thanks for your input, Rick CT

Rick - have you tried a search on this subject? There's been a lot of discussion about this in the last month or so. I like the 6 days plastic plate for it's ultralight weight, however, I doubt that it is the most rugged one available. Suits my riding style well though.

I would have to say that Flatland Racing has the best one out there. I looked into the carbon fiber ones at first but they can break with a big hit, I've seen it happen. A friend of mine had his crack and he had to try and fix it with J.B. Weld and I looked like crap in the end. Flatland's plate is super tight to the frame and strong as they get. I've smashed mine hard with no problems at all. They also cost about $50.00 which is not bad. Good luck with what you get just get one....

The skid plates made by D H Gibbs / Utah Sport Cycle

(same mfr. as some of Baja Designs', Moose's, MSR's, and others) is 3/16" thick aluminum with formed and welded side protection tabs welded on 2 planes. The 520EXC is the 3rd bike I've bought one for. Pretty indestructable. Not as light as C fiber or KTM's plastic glide plate, but if you're going to ride big rocks and boulders it's wise protection IMO. Protects engine, side cases, frame. Around 3-4 lbs (this is not somewhere I prefer to save weight). Retail $65, listed $56 through Baja Designs (if it's the same one).

D H Gibbs also offer a glide plate without the side protection tabs. Not as ugly, but not as protective, either.


I just bought the eline carbon fiber skid plate - have not installed it yet but they indicate that this is a new model with quick removal capability. It was pricey -


I looked quite a bit and ended up with the WER model, it offered great side case protection without the tendancy of a solid cover to reflect noise back up at the rider. I've abused it plenty and so far its held up great. It also fits very cleanly. I'm able to do oil changes no problem with it in place. i do get a bit of oil on top of it, but i spray some carb cleaner under the engine and it cleans it easily and quickly.

take a look

I also bought the E-Line carbon fiber, and couldn't be happier. Other carbon pieces don't come close and shouldn't be compared. It's the thickest you've ever seen and will not break or bend (at least 1/4 to 3/16 thick along the bottom, tapering to about 1/4" around it's edges). It's not cheap at $135, but the only plate I've owned that came close in terms of protection without being just plain ugly, was a Protofactory. I'm not sure they're around anymore.


Dconde -

Did you buy your bike from Zach?


Hi Roger,

you guessed it! I did buy from Zach.


Cool - send me an email sometime - I picked mine up a week ago and sent the triple clamp in to my dealer. The original was sent somewhere..... Zach still owes me a key and a new fender as it was damaged in shipping. Looking forward to riding real soon....


Sorry Rick, one last off subject item...

Roger, your email isn't listed. Check you personal messages and send me an email.

I have the eline carbon fiber one. I've smashed it pretty good. Some small de-lam's around the edges, but I think I'll have it for the life of the bike.


'01 520 MXC

I bought the Flatland plate from Cycle Zone. Mike told me it was the strongest & cleanest they had, the best I'v seen around, very nice clean fit, plus holes for oil changing & screen removal. Very happy, 1 pound heavier than the Eline CF plate but stronger. Look on cycle zones website. :)

Does this new eline have the same wrap around on side rail and waterpump and ignition cover as the KTM plastic Hard Equipment 6 day version. I have an Aluminum custom made and very tough and also the KTM.

It seems there is always a trade of, Light vs Strength. My buddy had a 1/4 aluminum on his Yamaha and hit a rock on a cross ditch and still managed to crack both cases by the oil drain. Can someone post a link to the eline that has detailed pictures of fit please. thanks

Here's the picture on eline's site but it's not the KTM one. Very similar, though:

Here's the six day plate, item #15:

Links to the above are on

Here are some pictures from my web pages. First one is of an eline plate after I had in the rocks of Chadwick, MO and White Rock Mt, Ark for a week:

Next are a couple of pictures with another eline plate mounted on my 01 400E:

I have the Enduro Engineering (I understand these are made by Flatland Racing for EE). It's aluminum and has saved me lots of ugly encounters with the rocks. There is access to all the oil drains, but I always take it off to make sure no undesirable dirt gets into anything.

I also drilled 1/4" holes strategically in the skid plate. This helps mud to drain out the bottom and not accumulate.

Expect some extra engine noise after installing the skid plate.

From looking at all the pictures posted by Jeb and the pro's and con's of fibre vs alum vs plastic, I will offer my opinion of the perfect skidplate.

It would be made of Carbon Fibre and molded from the KTM Hard accessory plastic 6 day quick removal model. The KTM fits the frame like a glove, and can be put on and off in 5-10 seconds with no tools. If it was made of Fibre it could retain all these trick features and have the impact resistance of aluminium without the echo of engine noise. There appears to be no patent markings on the KTM so it would be possible to make a mold with not to much problem and reproduce in Carbon Graphite. Now all we have to do is wait till some entrapreneur is up to the task. I would certainly stand in line to buy it. My two bits worth.

The E-Line is nice, but requires tools, and does not have the glove fit to frame and waterpump. I will wait till someone takes up my suggestion in previous post and makes a Fibre plate based on the KTM design.

You've gotten lot's of good advice here and I just want to second the advice to get the WER plate. It fits great, eash to mount, provides good protection and still lets you change the oil and the screens without removing it. Hard to beat!

I ride rocks!

Had a thick alloy plate on my 520 but after loads of hard, rock bumping riding I found the plate unmarked.I've ordered the 'new' KTM quick release plastic plate.Its thick, will drop off in seconds and will not mark/gouge or scratch the lovely gold paint on my new 450.

Part no.: 590.03.090.300

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