radiator res. for yz426

Need some help guys. I have a 2001 yz426 and I overheat like a siv. I ordered a radiator res. for my bike and I am waiting for it to come in. I Need to find out exactly where the mounting bracket is on a wr sub-frame, so I can fabricate one and weld it onto my bike. Also if anyone can help me with how the tubes are supposed to be routed that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks All.

Dan, If noone beats me to it, when I go home for lunch this afternoon, I will take some digial pictures of mine and e-mail them to you.

Whats your e-mail?

I've been wondering if you need the "child-bearing-hips" of the wider WR side panels to fit the reservoir without crunching it on jumps. Let me know how this turns out. :)


Yep! you can get rid of your hip problem by 1st going to a narrow type exhaust, in my case stock YZF system. Then get the YZF side panels. on the tank side you will have to do some trimming to the inside of the YZ side plate to make it fit. It's a very noticeable change, You REALLY notice it when you ride your buddy's stock WR.


Well Dan,

Sounds like all you need is the reservoir and hose once you get the photo. (thanks SoCal). One other thing, though: does the YZ radiator neck have the hose nipple?

I've got the photos ready to send when you need em' :)

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