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Does anyone have good knowledge of using these things?

I bought one, read the manual and tried to use it without much luck. Is the reading correct when the little wire is vibrating a lot at the end? Like a big dog that sees a bone?

I tried to calibrate it against my Toyota 4-cylinder and my Suburban V-8.

Engine Tach Vibratech

Toyota 2000 4000

Suburban 2100 3500

Lawnmower ---- 3000 full power

XR400 ---- 1300, 1/8 turn on idle 2600.

I'll give it another try, then I'm sending it back.

Anyone know of a good inexpensive digital Tach?

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The manual is a little vague but as best I can tell, when the wire vibrates with the most movement you are on the RPM of the motor. It is certainly not as accurate as a digital tach but OK for quick idle adjustments or roughly dialing in the fuel screw. It does take some practice.

Also this is designed for a single cylinder engine so I am not sure it would be accurate on you cars.

How do you know your XR 400 idles at 1300 rpm?

Yo can get an induction type tach for $30-40. Here are a few links:




I have both. I use the Vibratach on the road and the digital tach in the garage.

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Fellow TTer gave me this site http://tinytach.com/

Has function as a tachometer (goes to 9999rpm so can't really see if the 13,500rpm rev limiter really works) also used as a maintenance hour log to keep track of time on motor.

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