Padded shorts / pants under MX pants

I'm pretty new here at TT. I didn't see a 'general' General Discussion forum so I'll ask it here. Do any of you wear extra padded shorts under your riding pants? A lot of the ones that I've seen advertised look like mt. bike shorts, the kind the downhillers use. Please let me know what you folks use under your riding gear and where you got them from. You get extra credit for including web site addresses.

Thanks, Mike O'

I use the HRP Slam Shorts - removable pads in all of the critical areas - certainly have saved me some painful experiences. Check out

Bike riding shorts ( the tight spandex type ) work great under riding pants and they have a build in pad.... Should be able to get a pair at you local bike shop or order online here:

I wear a pair of vented spandex shorts with a padded crotch, when I run a gripper seat on the bike. It keeps you from getting monkey butt. I don't wear one without a gripper seat because there's no need, and I hate to race hot! I wear vented EVERYTHING. If it cools off, I wear a set of poly pro, or capilyne under my gear.

Rage on! :)

I wear nothing but plain Jocks, i did wear boxer shorts once and ...well.... ended up making 2 round (or oval i guess) things flatter then they where before the ride :).

I find most MX pants have a fair bit of padding around the hips anyway.

I run the EVS shorts.. I like em.

Depends on where you are looking to put some extra padding... to avoid monkey butt, then get some bike shorts... if you want some hip padding, then maybe you could try some sports stores, for either MTB shorts, or something else that won't be too hot... not sure about baseball or gridiron pants with pads...


I just wear plain spandex, since the biking shorts are way more expensive, and I haven't seen that I need more than just spandex. I noticed a big difference in a good way after I started wearing them.

Goofy part is that I started wearing them because I was sick of changing clothes in the parking lot and having everyone see me in my undies. :)

Wouldn't go back now, I haven't noticed too much heat difference, but at this point, I think the heat would be worth it.

Moose makes about 5 different pairs of riding skins. I use the Sahara shorts since they're vented.


I tried several pair of padded bike shorts under my riding pants, but I dont like the way they slide around inside my mx pants. The material is too slick! I always feel my ass sliding around inside my pants and breaks my concentration on riding. Like when you try to slide back on the seat, the shorts are sliding back faster that the pants on the seat. I guess if you had a pair of really tight fitting mx pants would help, I just dont like the lycra material! :)



I had the same problem, so I took some grip tape ( the baseball bat kind) and stuck it to the seat of my riding shorts. Sounds ridiculous, but it works :)



I think I'll just wear my jocky-boxers! :)

I still need the seat of the pants feel without the racing stripes :D

I like the Moose type. I use the same as motorep. You can find them at I have found they run a little to small.

I wear cut-off sweatpants that are 1 size too small. Gives the same spandex type effect without the slipping and sliding. Also, it provides me with enough padding. This probably isn't the best way to go for guys who like everything vented, or who need plastic gaurds, but it's a lot better than wearing nothing at all, and for me its comfortable--a little hot a times but still comfortable.

after having back surgery i thought it would be wise to have some extra pading. i bought the Fox padded shorts and quickly became very fond of them. they are much more durable than regular spandex and bike shorts. i've had several fierce dismounts since wearing them and am very glad i had them on. my other buds that rid MX are believers in them too... not to mention they do a great job of holding your junk in place! :)

HRP Slam shorts are great. They saved me after a hard fall.

Thanks for the opinions guys. I don't care to much for the lycra padded bike shorts. They scrunch me up too much in the front :). I ordered the slam shorts from HRP. I also like the sweat pants idea, I guess that's plan 'B".

Thanks again for the input..

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