Number plate background color meanings

I've been riding motorcycles for many years and now interested in racing motocross. When I go to the track and ride (practice) I see bikes with different color number plate backgrounds like yellow, white, black and even blue. What do the different colors mean? What color should I get for my 2002 KTM 520SX (I will be racing in 30+ beginner class).

I think <font color="brown">brown would be a good backround color for you. It would match your pants :).

I would also like to know what the backround colors mean.

Well you're right about that! I just can't seem to find a brown number plate to match my undies.

The meaning varies some by region/racing clubs, but it's usually the riders ability class. For the Riverside Old Timers MX Club, Green is Novice, <font color="yellow"> Yellow is Amateur, Black is for the Experts etc....

AMA MX rules are black for 125cc white for 250cc yellow for open class. I would check with your local series honcho. I'ts usually pretty informal.

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