Baja 1000

Is anybody going to pre-run the Baja 1000? I'll be down in the San Ignacio area around the 18th-22nd. Pre-running the lower section.

Yo Mo-Dez,

The bikes are ready for Carson!!!

You bring the paint and ribbon, and I'll bring the fire wood.


I'm ready. I'll head down the the hardware store for some paint.

For the other guys reading this post we found a 47 mile loop in Carson City that has everything from single track to fast dirt roads. A mini Baja training course. We are going to mark the trail so we can do a night ride and not get lost.


I'm assuming you will be pitting with Honda? Who will be your racing partners?

Also what vehicles will you be in just in case I see you?

Do any of you guys know where the Honda pits will be located in the San Felipe area? I will be down in that area and am planning to get some pictures and or video of the pitting acting. Also, what time are the bikes going off from Ensenada and at about what time should the first bike be passing through the San Felipe area? Thanks Cliff



Don't know yet but E-mail me in 4 weeks and I will give you the answer.

I can't take this sh-it for another 8 weeks, anyone know where I can get a bionic hand?! Have fun on the loop. I might start jogging it with one hand grip and a camelbak.

O.K. I'll try to remember to drop you a line in about that time frame. Thanks. How far down you gonna be camped? I made hotel arangements in San Felipe. Will be leaving Calexico on Wednesday and coming home on Friday.

The 47 mile loop sounds really cool.

Any chance of you guys recording the route on a GPS unit and downloading the route to us?

I'll be racing with Shawn and Bobby Black's team. They are both fast riders so we sould do well.

Yes we are pitting with Honda. I'll be the guy riding the BRP. :) LOL

We started @ Johnson Lane and if you take the poll line road until you see a orange bush :). Follow the sand whoops make a couple of turns looking for orange rocks and head to the pine nuts. We work our way down to the Radar sign. Looks like a bill board in the middle of no where. Take the drit road south and look for Orange rocks and green ribbon. When your about 32 miles into it you dump out on a dirt road make a left to the end and turn right back to Johnson lane. If you start at the poll line road its only 42 miles.

MainJet2001 - Bobby, Mike and I will be down South. We'll have a white Funmover motorhome and a white 1-ton GMC dually. Not sure what Mike's dad will be driving.

Hows things Mike?

What section exactly you gonna ride?

Looks like my choices are either from Crucero to Ignacio or Colonia Purisima to the finish. I'm leaning toward the Crucero section as I gotta be back home Monday the 25th for work (the riding kind). I'd rather ride the finish as that section is more fun and it'll be at night, then maybe just catch a flight home. We'll see.

I'll be down there with a friend, Chuck, starting probably around the 16th.

Maybe we can hook up for a section.

Tim Morton

Tim, That would be great. I'm riding from San Ignacio to La Purisima 132 miles then from Villa Ignacio Zaragozo to Santa Rita 110 miles.

I'll be going down with my Dad and he will be driving the truck.

I will most likely be pre-running with Bobby and we will ride from San Ignacio to La Paz so no one has to ride solo.

Keep in touch.


Baja Bob...../ Moredesert......

Got back friday night. Drove a white box van for 4 riders and we went from Ensenada to almost La Paz.

The course will be fast and a truck may overall this one.

The silt beds will be ugly if there is no rain (they are ugly anyway).

There is a lot of livestock on the hiway in places that you don't expect them so be careful.

Tim Morton.....have not talked to you in a while. Hope all is well. I will have the gas pit after El Arco. Actually the course bypasses El Arco.

Crucero to Ignacio is the hot setup. The bay of LA road is under reconstruction (3 to 4 miles).

All the rest of the pavement is good.

E-mail me.

Thanks Mainjet, I can use all the info I can get right now. Prepareing for the race and the dirve down there is a hand full.

How much was gas and how available was it? Did you get a tourst permit?

Got a tourist Visa at Guerreo Negro at the immigration stop.

You then have to go to a mexican bank to pay for it. Costs $20.00, and be prepared to wait in the bank. I also took my passport. The wait at Guerreo Negro will be about 20 minutes to fill out the visa and they have their hands out.

You don't really need the passport but it helps.

Also be prepared to run into the military out in the boonies besides on the hiway.

Gas was plentiful but on the race week, don't pass up a chance to buy gas because some stations will run out.

How much is GAS $$$ down there. I'll bring some extra gas cans

Thanks Mike

You are not going to like this.....

This is approximately.

Updated 10-23-02

Today's prices are $5.50MXP per liter of Magna Sin and Premium is 5.90MXP.

Exchange rate at bank: 9.98 today

Exchange rate at Pemex: 9.00 any day

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