Baja 1000

I guess it's best to pay in paso's. Thanks again

Moredesert/Baja Bob

You guys back from pre-riding yet?


Bob and I are leaving Saturday morning. Heading straight to San Ignacio. Were all signed up and don't have to come back north. So we'll just stay down there, ride eat tacos, ride and wait for race bike to show up hopfully.

What pit will you working?

I'm heading down the 15th after work. Hope to be in San Ignacio Saturday night late or early Sunday. I'll hook up with Bob and Shawn to prerun my sections and eat tacos and wait for the bike to show up. Shawn did a nice job on the race bike, it looks brand new. :)


I will have pit #10 @ the little village of Guillerme Prieta, 22 miles up course from where you hit the pavement going into San Ignacio. (496 miles into the race)

Another caution note...remember when you get on the pavement after pit 10, there is a ugly right hander on the pavement at kilometer 82. If you over cook it, it could be ugly.

Let me know what your riding numbers are so I can keep track and tell the world. :D

One more thing....I expect you at my pit by 3:30 PM.

.......right?........ :)

Our number is 262X. John Hodel will be riding through your pit to San Ignacio where Mike will take the bike to Shawn at La Purisima. Thanks for the clue on that hard right hander. I'll pass on to John.

We were thinking around 4:00 to 4:30 if everything goes well. In the past races on average were a good 10mph to 15mph slower than Steve / Johnny. (Them guys are fast!!)

Hey Shawn, this is Mike from last years Baja 1000. Just thought I would wish you guys a fun and safe race. I wish I was going but I will be sitting here nursing my broken wrist instead. Please tell everyone I say hello. I will be looking forward to reading your post race reports.

Good Luck!


MoreDez Mike - you told me you hadn't met the guy giving you the bike, it's Hodel! He's a SUPER great guy. I haven't seen that guy in a 'coons age! Hopefully we'll run into him prerunning.

If you are switching at the Honda pits then you, Mike, will be the guy who needs to be very careful at that tight turn on the Hwy. It looks like #11 will be just before that spot.

MainJet - Were you given an e.t.a. of 1X at your pit? We're shooting for #10 at 2:55-ish and lights on at #11.


Espo, sorry to hear about your arm. Dad and I will be heading out tomorrow. More for vaction and play riding than prerunning. We have a cousin in Todos Santos were going to visit, while riding the old 2000 course. Plan on doing alot of exploring and picture taking. I'll send you copies. We'll be in San Felipe Dec 27 to Jan 31, family camping and riding. Come on down!


Hi Tim,

John and Eric H. will be prerunning 16th-18th starting from San Felipe ending in San Ignacio. You can't mis them, a older Husaberg, XR600. They keep telling me, they know this guy name Tim who'll take us on a killer trail ride. I blame them for addiction to baja, yep it's all their fault. Hope to see you down there.

Quote...MainJet - Were you given an e.t.a. of 1X at your pit? We're shooting for #10 at 2:55-ish and lights on at #11.

Not yet. My guess is 1:30/1:45 PM.

Overall average will be over 60.

"You can't mis them, a older Husaberg"

Shawn just informed me that the Husaberg is dead with transmission problems. I'm not sure what John and Eric will be pri-running with now.

Thanks for the up date on that bad turn before #11 pit. I'll look it up on the map.

My guess is 1:30/1:45 PM

Uh Oh... I hope I'm figuring a little on the conservative side... I sure hope we aint an hour behind at the half way mark.

Sure, at the finish probably.

The speed average will pick up considerably beginning at m-350, when the course hit the LA Bay Hwy. The entire race is fast, but that's when it becomes REALLY fast.

How can we make a 450 do 130? :)

SCB - Is John riding from Felipe to Ignacio? Or is Eric riding part of that? I'll look for 'em. It will be good to say HI.


(I'll be the guy without a visor on his helmet :D)

Eric will be handing off the bike to John @ mile marker 349 where the course turns on to Bay of LA HWY.

John will get the lights and ride to mile 550 and will hand off to me in San Ignacio.

Today I did a bone head move. Went Mountain Bike riding with my wife and saw a nice turn ment for sliding. I got going as fast as I could set up for the turn and grabbed the front brake and crashed my brains out. Just my luck get hurt before the race. Who put the front brake on the left side anyway. I'm going to change it before I ride it again.

How can we make a 450 do 130?

Easy....use 16/44 gearing. :D

J/K...don't have the actual estimated time yet and what I told you is when we will be ready but it's a little optimistic.

Sides, if you pre-ride your section 5 times each you will be right there...... :)

Moredez - what the hell ya riding a bicycle for? Those things are dangerous! Never catch me on one of them. Heck, I don't go to the gym either, that too could be dangerous.

I'll stick to dirtbikes.

MainJet - "don't have the actual estimated time yet and what I told you is when we will be ready but it's a little optimistic."

I'm glad. I was starting to feel really slow.


Well Tim, it's my wifes idea. She wanted to ride bicycles so it's something we can do together. Now she's thinking she could ride a small motorcycle. :D:)


Sometimes I can be a little slow so bare with me. I take it your working the Honda pit #10, does this mean you work for Honda? When do you expect to be there? If I have time maybe I could ride up and say Hi. Since I'll be riding south of you I may not get up that far. Right now everything is up in the air until we get down there and see how all the prerunng works out. Make sure you say Hi to John when he passes through your pit.


Do you know how hard it is seeing your banner add when I'm iching to leave for Baja. I can't wait and your add keeps reminding me I'm still here. Hope to see you out there!


Bob found a spot for me at Rice and Beans In San Ignacio to park my camper. I should be there Saturday Night 11/16. I'll be driving a dark Blue GMC pick up truck with a 17" Prowler camper.

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