Baja 1000

MainJet - I appreciate when the pit guys notice I'm trying to thank them while being pitted. It's not like we have any extra time to make idle chit-chat. The pit before yours I had forgotten to thank them so as I was leaving I sorta stopped and turned to 'em and said something nice. They might not have understood though as they just gave me a quizzical look. With age (36 yesterday) I've mellowed out a bit. I used to have a reputation for being a bit "wound up" in the pits.

Wilson - Well, I said your bike still looked new, just left out that you guys all hauled ass.

ONLY an average of 70mph including 3 wheel changes, and maybe 6 stops for gas..... try picking up the pace a bit...... :)

MjLang - Thanks for dropping those parts off for me on your way south, I really appreciate it.

To whomever cares - If you want to see some shots of the CRF450 we raced just go to the CRF450 page and look for the title "Baja 1000 CRF450 photos". It was a pretty sweet bike.


Hey Ron.....

I had pit 10 and I just checked the time sheet and you guys left my pit @ 3:43:26 PM and the 302X bike left my pit @ 3:43:38 PM.

A 12 second split gives us pit tootsies a thrill when we are way out in the boonies. Congrats on your class win.

That margarita I had (the one that gave me the headache) at the La Pinta was for all you Honda class winners and all you Honda riders. :)

Tim, no problem on the parts. We made it down and back without too many problems. One guy landed his KTM in a rock garden. Broke his knee cap, wrist and separated his shoulder. See ya south of the border soon.

Hey Ron Wilson,

Congrats on your finish. It was nice meeting you (I was the guy who introduced himself to you prior to you hopping on the bike, the one who knew Taper) You were ready to go, and that fool in the heli was saying some silly stuff....!

"Where is the rider? Is he ready to go???" &%$#@!! Man, you were geared up and ready to 1/2 hour before that bike showed up. With the copter following, your bike showing up was a surprise for no one.

Congrats on your finish!


(We ended up 7th in the Sportsman class, bike #261x)

The only guy I know who was in a helicopter (black) was Bruce Ogilvie. Is that who you are talking about?

mainjet, we also were lucky enough to have a helicopter for this race..It was bright red, because of the delay at the start of the race it was only able to stay with me until just after l.a. bay..

Brandon, that was pretty funny, I was exactly where we had planned for me to be, still not sure why the confusion, overall it was a clean ride for our team, it was nice to have met you...Ron


I appreciate the update. Being half way down to La Paz and the only communication was with pit 8, we didn't know much. But like they say "that's Mexico".

Are you a boat racer also or is that a different Ron Wilson?

Mainjet, no I am not a boat racer....I have a question for you and everyone else that was in Mexico last week...I preran on a borrowed 03' XR650, belongs to Temecula Motorsports, I left the bike in San Ignacio at Rice and Beans restaurant, hotel.. My partner, Brian Pinnard, was to pick the bike up on his way home from La Paz...Long story short, somebody else picked up the bike, now it's "missing"....It has flourescent red plastics, gold excel wheels, pro-tapers, gpr stabilizer, black seat..The fellows that picked it up were Mexican in 3-4 white newer trucks, The owner of rice and beans says they spoke english and were most likely from TJ, they mentioned Brians name and grabbed the bike...Any info about the location of this bike would be appreciated, this happened Sunday phone number is 760-717-2336 any info would be appreciated..


Sorry to hear about the missing bike.

I never got farther south than Guerreo Negro and we got home (Huntington Beach) on Sat. night. I will check with some of the other pit people and see if they have any knowledge of the bike. If so, I will get in touch.

Ron, I saw your bike out side the shied at Rice and Beans. I had my XR650 and DRZ400 inside. It was still there when I picked up my bikes and split Saturday morning. There was also 304x's bike there too. I remember 2 XR's out side in the back storeage area and one was the pretty bike.

Thanks, I also saw it Saturday, we loaded up 304x, and my buddy mike's 650...then we drove home..I guess an expensive lesson has been learned...please keep an eye out for the bike, maybe it will turn number again is 760-717-2336...


Maybe you should talk to Tim Mortin about the bike. He is always going to Mike's Sky Ranch on his tours and see's a lot of bikes. You can't miss it with all that fancy plastic. Do you have a VIN # just to be sure?


Ron, Maybe you should talk to Tim Mortin about the bike.

MoreDesert Mike - I sorta know Ron.... I married his sister.



You have to admit, it is possible to be married to his sister and not know Ron. Just not likely.

Hope that you have seen my e-mail response to one of your tours by now. I be the dude looking for the 5 day ride and a business trip to SD. Looking forward to a ride in 03!!

Tim, i'm still a little pissed about the whole marrying of my sister thing :)

I don't have the vin# handy, not sure that tim could check every 650 forever??? We have some solid leads as to the group of gentleman that "borrowed" the bike....

It's a small world isn't it.

Is this thread EVER going to die? Oh, wait......I just bumped it....oh well. LMAO. On a serious note, I hope the bike is found, and soon.


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