Output Shaft Oil Seal

I herd that Honda had problems with leaking output shaft seals. Because of the great deal I got on the new 2001 I most likely have one of the problem bikes. Has anybody had a problem and how bad was it. I bought a new seal for the parts box just incase.

I have a 2001 and have had NO problems but I also keep an extra seal with me too, 3000 miles on bike.

The output shaft seal can blow if the crankcase vent hose gets pinched between the seat base and frame rail. this happened to me during a cross-country race, losing all the oil and toasted the motor, which Honda rebuilt for free. Honda also provided a new intake manifold, exhaust insert and rejetted the bike to the "full power" specs.

I just blew mine out last week and fortunately I cought it before it was too late. The new seal doens't cost much. I think about 10 bucks. The worst part is cleaning the bike afterwards. Apparently Honda makes a better version of the seal. Might want to change it before it blows. Could save you an engine.

Good luck.

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