Timing plugs

Anyone know where to get blue timing plugs for 2007 YZ450f i have seen gytr ones just wondering if anyone seen different ones.

works connection, ride engineering, and a few others have um.. i believe the workes connection run you around 30 bucks for the two plugs.

Ebay all day.

Ebay? Heck most all the parts are over priced plus you have to pay shipping.. I was looking at Blue axle blocks for 30.00 plus shipping for 10.00 40.00.. Called the Yammy shop GYTR 29.00 my cost.. ALWAYS try to use the local shops first.. Also use the forums. Need to keep the money in your local community. I was also looking @ a rear wheel for my 450. 310.00 OMG then I went to the forums in our local racing Org. And I got it for 50 bucks. 310.00 thats a ripp..

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