Triple clamp recall letter.

I bought the bike new a month or so ago and they said the clamps were good to go, a line change I believe.

Just this week I get a letter from KTM saying there is a recall on the lower triple clamp.

I called the dealer and they said, again, that they are the good clamps. I have no reason to doubt them but I would like for peace of mind to know for sure. Is there a way to verify the lower triple clamps are good and are not subject to recall? I checked for the star on the top right hand of my triple clamp (as the letter specified new bottom triple clamps would have) and I see no star. If it was a line change then would it have the star?

Thanks. :)

Just received a call from my local KTM dealer and they said that my new triple have arrived from KTM. This is the second set that I will replace since I purchased the bike. The star has to be stamped on the lower triple clamp to validate that the clamps are the right casting...

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