Speedworld -cost to ride?

Anyone know how much it costs to ride at Speedworld (Surprise AZ)? Is a membership required? I'm going to be in Phx for a week and will have my bike with me. I'm looking for a place to practice. Am staying in Mesa but would do the drive over there if its as good as I hear it is. Their web site photos look pretty good. I'm also planning on hitting E.T. too.

It cost $15 and no membership is required. I would check before going for a practice/race schedule. Also there are several other good tracks. ET Motopark, Eloy(Ocotillo) and Motogrande(Judd's). Let me know when you are going and I can meet up with you. If you are in Mesa, ET is very close(10-20 minutes depending where in Mesa) and S.W. is about 1 hr away.


Thanks for the info. We're planning on a Dez ride Sun the 13th but a couple of guys that were planning on going haven't responded yet. My buddies place is in Glendale and I'm planning on crashing there Sat night. If we don't get three or more for the Dez I might try to twist his arm and hit Speedworld. He rides his CR500 about once a year and has never been on a track. The vintage/beginner track there might be just what he needs. Speedworlds web site indicates is a non-race weekend. I'm tring to get him up to speed again (hasn't ridden seriously for 15+ years) & trying to get him to get something rideable like a CRF and save the CR for nostalgia & dune work only.

Also planning on ET on Thurs morning 17th for sure & maybe Fri morning 18th too. Heading home after that. Look for a white Dodge diesel pulling a 16' dark gray v-nose trailer. Stop by and say hi.

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