Which bike?

Right now I have a 96 Suzuki DR350. Ive been eyeing a 650r. The DR is an awesome bike for me, but id like a bit more suspension and a lot more power. The bike would be dualsported as my dr350 is. In the summer I ride the bike every day that it doesnt rain, so ill have a good amount of saddle time and need to be happy with the bike. Id like to be able to ride highway too.

Would I be better off with a 450r or a 650r? Im looking for reliability, and the 25 hour topend service interval on the 450 scares me away. I want something thatll start every day, be decent on gas and fun.

Am I making a good choice with the 650r? I wont get a 650L

I cant speak about the 450 since I dont own one but I will tell you my plated XR650R is the best motorcycle I have ever owned PERIOD!! I ride it to the trails, blast whatever is in front of me on the trails, and ride it back home without worrying about anything. And still yet, I can jump on it daily and ride it to work which is a 50 mile round trip. Such an awesome bike!

Xr650R or XR600R, I've had XR600Rs, NX650, XR650L and currently ride a

2002 650R street legal 50/50 on offroad, geared to cruise hiway 15/45 sprockets, piped and jetted. It's been 100% reliable, I shyed away from the 450s due to hi maint.

The seat is my only complaint after 40 miles hiway it's a arse beater but offroad no problem. I had a couple XR600Rs and had no issues but the 650R is more power and when jetted and the carb is set correctly it starts first kick most of the time. I've ridden XRs since 1986 and only had one part fail, a CDI on my 650L it would cut out at times, other than that it's been lots of tires and a few chains and sprockets only.

You will absolutely by happy... the XRR is a great bike! Reliable!

The 650r will smoke your DR and probably doesn't weigh much more. As a dualsport it'll be much more reliable than a 450 and cheaper too. My $.02

The 450(s) tend to boil over faster when stopped unless you put a fan on them. Never had a problem with my 650r sitting in traffic.Have rode a lot of the 450's and i must admit i like them in the big bumps, but that's possible because i can give them back when i'm done. Kinda like Babies...

NAH the 650R sucks go get a 110 there better LOL your gonna get a XRR i know good choice there time tested and proven reliable.

Weight for weight, the XR might be just a tad lighter than my DR. The weightof the DR doesnt bother me untill its laying on top of me in a pit, or i get into whoop de doos. Its easy to get crossed up.

I think the XRR is going to be my next bike, Im going to plate it. When springtime comes the DR and ol CB750 are going on the auction block.

Sad to see the DR go, lots of good times on that bike, but she doesnt have then nut I want anymore.

Sad to see the DR go, lots of good times on that bike, but she doesnt have then nut I want anymore.

BUT its a SlowZuki ???:banghead:


450X plated: awesome, but not fun on long street rides, and more maint.

650R plated: awesome, but heavy in the dirt (not too heavy)

ALL DR's : way to heavy for the power and suspension

DRZ 400 : pretty good compromise, but terrible bottom end

650L : OK for beginners, but way too heavy and slow for dirt challenges

The 650R can be made into whatever you want it to be, with some creative cash. Stock it needs uncorking, jetting, and maybe a pipe.

The 450X is hands down a better dirt bike, but it will not be good for regular commuting as it's tranny is to narrow, and needs more TLC maintenence-wise. Many have done it, but not for real commuting.

That's quite the leap! The 650 is a night and day comparison....actually it's not really a comparison at all, just hold on and be prepared to grin ALOT:ride:

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