Don't have a four stroke yet, but:

This is my first post and I'm stoked! I'm working on buying a wr250f this fall, an 02' that a friend is trading to an 03'. The question I have is this; Does a 99 yz250 have a coil that can operate a headlamp. I've been told it does but have'nt been able to figure out what to do. Looking at the service manual, there appears to be a 12v circuit that operates the solenoid in the carb. Can this be used. I am going to try an enduro in Lake City,TN. weekend after next and trying to get prepared. I have a WER dampner and flywheel weight, Moose hand guards, enduro tank and an Acerbis headlamp that i got on EBAY. Heading to Walmart to get a Next drink system and battery operated tail lamp. Have i forgoten anything? Hum, first enduro, first post, what's next? Mid life crisis perhaps? This site is so cool! I check it out just about every night. You guys are incredible, much knowledge! Hope someone can help.

I'd lean towards no, the YZ doesn't come with a big enough stator to run a decent headlamp. Call Ricky Stator and ask them. They make/rewind stators for CR/KX/YZ's, so they'll know what you have to begin with and what you can run, and have been very helpful when I've called them. Good luck and congrads on the WR.

Thanks for the tip. I'll give him a call. I did'nt see a unit for the yz line on his web site though. May have to rig up something temporary for this race. I have a friend that is a SETRA member that is planning on working this one and he said that they would not be to strict as for as the tech inspections go. Thanks again! :D:)

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