New Owner

Traded in my RM for a DRZ400S. I have put 200 miles on it this week and love it so far.

Besides new tires, what mods should I do first.


Sock, great choice. I love having the freedom of hitting the road when I want to without having to worry about cops.

Traded in my RM250 for my DRZ400E



Congrats on the new bike :D

If you read the signatures below the peoples posts on here you can't go wrong, some read like a wish list (bring a lunch when you read burned's) :)

First mod i did was to unbolt as much unnecessary stuff from the bike as possible and I then bolted some stuff back on to make it more crash-proof for instance skid plate with case protection would be #1

Happy trails


The only complaint I have so far about the bike is they should offer this color in the U.S.


Welcome! check out mnelson's page:

I recommend getting the armor first, then do the jetting. Don't bother with the exhaust esp if you ride public land (loud pipes=less land). Then keep checking this board. I've learned tons from these guys.

check the modification thread.i brought it to the top for signature is there now! :)

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