08 Scotts Stabilizer update

Norman, can you post may be a pic or two of your unit installed. Did you use ordinary (longer) bolt or some forged rare metal stuff? As for drilling - can you show where? Same for "hair wider" - did you shave it away or just hammered in?

Sorry - I am a beginner mechanic and have to do everything myself around here (nearest yamaha dealership being over the sea in Hokkaido probably) :cool:

Windseeker, some of us have to "make" things work ane way or another, especially we that live overseas and far away from big motorcycle shops, as for me, I have to order everything to be shipped from USA to south america, don't worry about it is actually easier than it sounds to make it work.

PM me if you need anything

Hey guys, Just looking on Scotts web site and they finally have a listing up for the 08 sub mount and top mount kits,

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