3 Day Pass

Next thursday I should be a better rider. I managed to negotiate a 3 day pass to go on a training camp in the Ardeche region in France. Its put on by an ex French champion. I will be only doing 'enduro' training, but their main actitivy is MX training...they have 3 separate tracks including a supercross track. I never did MX so I hope to grab some time on the track as well. I rang my insurance and I'm covered! Any advice for the MX green-horn ?

Also I now have a trailer (registered yesterday) so I can start exploring some other regions than just my back yard.

Needless to say I'm stoked !

Missile, that sounds like fun! Take pictures if you can! The following, FWIW, is from the perspective of a recent (2yr), 40yr old beginner:

My prime concern would be laying my hands on ALL the protective gear I could. Besides boosting confidence for trying new things, it sometimes even works!

Rib protection (on the sides)! You will be doing hard cornering? My frontend washes out so suddenly sometimes that I take full SLAM impact on my side. Bruised/cracked ribs hurt for a long time. The only thing worse is repeating the process (especially with the same results), but that's how we learn.

If you don't have brushguards, an extra lever or 2 wouldn't be a bad idea. Spare handlebars? Stock ones bend easily. Get the most out of your trip. Be prepared. You have to accept the fact that you WILL crash a few times. I'm very grateful that the MX track I try new things on is @ a foot deep of loosely packed sawdust! Really saves on body and bike parts.

Psychologically; trying to be TOO cautious gets me in trouble at times. Jumps are WAY easier at speed, I know this but still have to force myself to peg it sometimes. You'll regret it if you don't!

Experienced riders make all of this look easy. It becomes so second nature, they don't even think about it, which is your's and my goal.

You have an excellent opportunity here to learn to do things right. Form is everything. It is much better when you don't have to unlearn bad form, so that is your big advantage along with ENTHUSIASM!! ENJOY! :)

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