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I have been TRYING to understand my suspension settings, knowing they are wrong for myself, and need a little advice.

On landing after jumps, my front end is incredibly hard. Stock settings. I know from dirt marks on the front fork that I am upwards of 3 inches from the bottom-out point and can feel the rebound too hard. So, following previous posts, I moved the rebound (top) out 2 clicks, and the compression (bottom) in 1 click. Does this sound right to you guys. I don't want to sound stupid, I'm just trying to understand the philosophy here. Also, where exactly are the TWO compression clickers for hte rear shock. I can see the one on the linkage underneath but can't see the other one. Please help.


Although you don't want the bike to bottom at the conclusion of every jump, you do want a soft landing.

Let me see if I can make some sense of this.

In short, the feeling that you get when a bike is nearing the bottom of its stroke is mainly controlled by oil level.

The process of getting there, slow or fast, is controlled by damping rates which are controlled by the "clickers".

Begin working with these two parameters. If this does not solve the problem you'll need to enter the realm of spring rates and valve stack changes.

As for the rear end the clicker controls are reverse in that the rebound is on the bottom and compression is on the top. You should see a small screw within the high-speed nut, (usually red) located just above the reservoir.

You may also want to take a peak in the back of the manual in the "Settings" section for further details.


You can get some good help off of Motoman's site on this subject, thats where I learned to set mine up.

Motoman's Site

It sounds to me like you turned your adjusters on your forks the wrong way. I could be confused and telling you backwards, but, the compression (on the bottom of the fork) is out for softer and in for harder. And the rebound, which is on the top of the fork, is in for slower and out for quicker.

As for the shock, the rebound is on the bottom and looks just like the rebound screw on the forks. The two compression adjusters are both on the top. The slow speed adjuster can be adjusted with an adjustable wrench or end wrench, but you shouldn't ever really have to adjust it unless you get really serious about this. The slow speed adjuster is adjusted with a screwdriver just like the other ones and is located in the center of the slow speed adjuster.

If this doesn't make any sense, go read Motoman's site, and if that doesn't work bring your bike down to practice at Mountain Home tomorrow and I will explain it in person the best that I can.


If you want to make your suspension softer then you need to wind the compression clickers out (anti clockwise) compression clickers are located, bottom of the front forks and there are two adjustments on the rear, high and low speed compression,low speed is in the centre at the top of the shock and the nut is your high speed compression, the high speed will affect your landings after a big jump, and low speed will effect your woopies, start by getting your copression right, then start playing with your rebound on the rear (bottom of shock) wind it in and out, bounce on the bike and feel the difference, this will make it much easier to ajust the front rebound (top of forks)

Hope this helps.

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"450 question (suspension)

I wrote an answer that might help you.

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