I think 8 would suffice OK...if my thinking is right, the tracable power of the CRF wouldn't need as many paddles as a 2 smoke. SO....8 paddles should work ok. :)

I remember reading I think on TT that somebody said either 8 or 10. Anything less than 8 is worthless according to the post I saw.

I ride glamis all winter long. 02 crf last year and the 8 paddle is the way to go.

What did you do special on the cooling system? There was a guy last year that gave away some coolant recovery bottles for people to test. My CR500 used to puke out fluid so I would think the 450 might be worse. A 50/50 mix of 110 and 91 octane fuel used to help the 500 out a lot with less detonation and overheating.

Nothing just keep moving it doesn't get that hot out there in the winter. i've never had a problem with it puking except when sitting idle. the bike kicks a$$ in the sand.

From what I've been told...

125cc....6 paddle

250cc....8 paddle

YZF/CRF....10 paddle

KX500 or similar....12 paddle

You want as many paddles as your bike can turn, the more paddles the better the transfer of power to the ground. Hower, you don't want to use too many, like putting a 10 paddle on a 125 would just burn up the clutch.

Also, the Skat Trak Hooker paddle tire is super easy to put on and off the wheel. It also has the same outer diameter as a regular knobby. Some of the cheaper (Cheng-Shin) paddle tires are really tought to mount and some sizes are way bigger around than a knobby so it can hit the front of the swingarm, the fender, the mudflap, etc. The only downside is the Skat Trak costs twice the money of cheaper paddles... but they seem to last forever as long as you don't run them down the asphalt.

I have been told to use a 10 paddle. I don't go to the dunes every ride and don't want to switch tires back and forth. We have been using knobbies in the dunes and I have been really impressed with the performance of the Dunlop D773 in deep sand. Knobbies in sand are fun if you have the power (CRF does). Whenever I get a second rear wheel set-up, I will get a 10 paddle.

Teebird, we make billet overflow tubes and last year my partner GMBootleg sent out a handful to the regular contributors to TT to get an honest evaluation. I don't know if he got any feedback, or even who exactly he sent them to. I'll talk with him this weekend and get back to you. You can check them out at

As far as paddles, we run the 10 paddle Viper by Skat-Trak. Some people run more, but I like a little wheelspin when riding in the dunes. There are drawbacks to too much traction, like the constant risk of loopouts when drag racing up a hill.

I have run a 10 paddle and it works great. Just my opinion.

I was told by a few people that I may like the 8 cup paddles better. They mentioned it turns a lot better than the 10 cup. I guess you get too much traction with a 10? I'm not sure and would like a few more opinions. Will I trade off the ability to blast berms or rail the bowls with a 10? Or will I like the 10 better so I can wheelie better and win drag races up the hills???? I'm torn because I loooove showin off with wheelies... but absolutely crave the G's associated with laying it over in the sand

I guess what I really want to know is if it will be THAT much more difficult to turn with a 10 on it? Anyone tried both that care to comment on the trade offs of turning vs traction??. I beggining to think there is no right answer. I just don't want to waste the extra money on a 10(i have a brand new 8 sittin in the G-rage) if it doesn't make much difference

I've uses an 8 and a 10 on my CR500, 10 was better for the drag racing, the 8, well, turned a little better, but spun a lot more, I'd go with the 10, I've only looped once with the 10, and it was because I wasn't really paying attention going up a hill and got a little too aggresive on the gas.

Cycle Gear sells paddles for $39.00. Buy them both and let us know which one is better.

I ran one of the White Trash racing reservoirs on my YZ400 before I sold it, that and a higher pressure cap fixed all of my boiling over problems. The guys there were definately cool considering they sent out the day I talked to them and said to send a check when I got a chance. It's good to know someone out there still has some trust. If I have any problems with mine boiling over I'll be getting one for my new ride.


you guys know the cheapest wheel setup for the crf? i'd like to have a second setup so i can easily switch them out when i go somewhere like dumont dunes. this place has dunes and some dry lakebed type terrain. it'd be nice to have both on hand! just don't want to spend 400 bucks on the second setup. any ideas?

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