Response from MXA regarding "REMAPPED IGNITION"

Here ia the contents of an E-mail I sent to MXA regarding their claim of the ignition being remapped and their response!! . I just replied challenging them further and it follows the below message so read on and post your thoughts!!!

> ----------

> From: Dave Garzoli

> Sent: Saturday, September 21, 2002 2:42 PM

> To: Motocross Action

> Subject: Contact From MXA Website


> Dave Garzoli [] wrote:

> You have created an unbeleiveable controversy among the many 02 and 03

> CRF450 owners with your story about the 03 450. You state as do other

> mags that engines changes for 03 include a new cam and "remapped

> ignition". Well I, as well as many others, have tried to confirm this, as

> we are upgrading 02's with 03 camshafts. the 03 camshaft has a different

> part number than the 02, indicating a change. HOWEVER..the CDI, wiring

> harness, stator and coil all have the same part numbers from 02 to 03. SO

> Exactly what part of the ignition has been "remapped"???? If your answer is

> "Well they changed the map but not the part #, then if the CDI goes bad on

> an 03 how do I know if I have gotten an 02 or an 03 CDI ?

Reply from Tim Olson-MXA:

Honda changed the ignition map a little, but since it probably works better

on the '02 also they just decided to sell the same part for both the '02 and

'03 bikes.


Tim Olson

Motocross Action

Followup from me:

Dear Tim:

With all due respect, that still does not jive. Lets say some guy steals

the CDI from my 03 CRF to put on his 02 to gain this performance. I then go

to my local dealer to order a new CDI. How the hell am I guaranteed that

the new CDI I get is the "Remapped" CDI designed for the 03 (but also

improves the 02 according to you guys) and not the 02 ignition that does not

perform as well as the 03???

Who's your source and how can you back up this claim????? There are several

thousand readers of and MXA that are on the edge of their

seat waiting for this response......please clarify!!!!


Dave Garzoli

Personally, I find his initial explantion to be pretty weak and I can't wait to see if I get a further response from him.


Wow, that is something. I'm with you and your response-----if the number is the same then how does a guy know if he is getting a remapped 03 box or a 02 box that has been on the parts shelf for a year?

BUNK! I think it is great that MXA thought enough to give you an answer-----BUT I think they are making it up as they go.

Thanks for the effort of asking the question. Be interesting to see if it and their answer ends up in print (readers questions) as the "cast in stone because it's in print" God's honest truth. RR.

Have you asked Honda? You'd think they'd really know the answer.

They will know, but will they tell :)

If it's truly a new part Honda would have a new part number for the '03. That's the way they've always done it. Unless they changed the mapping mid-run on the production of the '02's so that all parts in the system are indeed new (to '03 specs) then it is the same part. I could probably get in touch with a Honda reginal service manager if I tried to find out the truth.


Poster: lucky_macy

Subject: Re: Response from MXA regarding "REMAPPED IGNITION"

Have you asked Honda? You'd think they'd really know the answer.

I would love to but I cant find anyone other than my local dealer and service techs to ask, and they all agree with us. No new part number no change. Ive search the web over looking for a phone number or address to ask the question straight to the factory to no avail. If anyone here has a contact of a reliable source at Honda that could settle this I would appreciate it.

Here is my 2cp...

The 02 ignitions had their own part number. When the 03's came out they had a new part number. At that time they probably dropped the 02 CDI's and listed the 03 part numbers for the 02's.

you guys believe that Elvis is still alive too, don't you?

although my $.02 will never convince most of you (even though i have more experience in production than i care to admit or you could imagine)i will say this. the honda ignition was remapped at some point in 02'. minor remapping is simply a software change, therefore the components of the ignition ARE IDENTICAL. since the changes were so minor (despite what some people on this board might think) and it is compatible w/ the 02's, there was no point in wasting the manpower to change a stupid part #. so for all the 02 CRF owners that got smoked in their last race or couldn't climb a hill bc they don't for certain have the career altering power of the remapped ignition, i guess you'll have to buy an 03.

That sounds reasonable but that's not the way Honda does things from my experience. I've worked for a Honda car dealer for over six years now. Computers are updated all the time. Usually it's a very, very slight change to the parameters of a sensor. Some peoples driving habits cause engine to think that the oxygen sensor is malfunctioning and it sets a check engine light so Honda releases an updated computer with a very slight change to the parameters so it recognizes this is just a driving style. Some people put 91 octane gas in their Civics instead of 87 and drive like an old lady. It causes a carbon buildup on the valves and sets a check engine light for a misfire... Honda releases a new computer... you know the story. Anyway, those are just two of many examples and every time, although you'd think the new part would supersede the old one it doesn't, the new part always has a modified part number. Other Japanese manufacturers can change a part in some way (say an oil filter shape) but it still fits all the same applications so they retain the same part number... not Honda, they will modify the part number every time.

Ok, im bored so I'll bite....

If you spent so much time in production then you would know part numbers arent stupid or trivial. Any manufacturer will change the part number of any part that has changed from year to year. Even if it is a software change. As far as the manpower to change the part number, it is just like the ignition map... and I quote... "simply a software change". With any CDI the electrical components most likely stay the same from year to year. The software is the most important part. With software (and the exact same electronics) you can completley change the power band of an engine.

I would be willing to bet that if the part numbes have not change then neither has the ignition (no mater what the magazines and salesmen say). Sounds like a marketing ploy to me in that case.

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