Odd oil cooler and hoses...

Okay, so im rebuilding my 94 XR 600 today. and as we were taring it apart (2nd hand bike btw.) we found something not in the instructions. A bunch of aftermarket hoses and an oil cooler!

Pics here:


Oil cooler i can not find.


Thats the Hose i need. anyone seen that before?


Wouldnt come off, so we had to cut it.

Anyone know where i can find this Tubing/Cooler? or, what i can use in place of that old hose?



That is a Jagg oil cooler. It should of been mounted with bolts through the front engine mount. You should be able to use any good quality hose.

Thanks, i went to East bay Motorsports, and asked them about the hose, they said you NEED it bent in that shape, and if you use another shape it will kink and die. this true?

i doubt thats preformed hose, looks like regular 1/2-5/8 hose you can get at auto zone or any auto store. Im sure if you routed it in a position that it could get kinked it would but if its routed good you can take regular hose and make curves and all. Go but a few feet it shouldnt be more than $5 and route it just like it was. Nice cooler if you dont wanna reuse it lemme know HEHE

That is not a pre-formed hose...Those Jagg oil coolers just came with a length of hose...It's old age has made it pre-formed, same reason you had to cut it off...Hard as a rock ! Visit your nearest Auto-Zone or whatever...match it up and good to go.

NAPA has good quality hydraulic hose that will be more than adequate. no need for preformed hose. just route it well.

Thank you all!! :banghead:

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