i live in ct i was wondeirng about the use of blinkers i have a 01 drz400s i removed all the blikers(since i broke all of them except one :)) i took off the rear setup and mounted up a tail linght on the fender. someone once told me that you did not need blinkers as long as you used hand signals

any thoughts let me know



In New Hampshire all you need is to use hand signals. It depends on the State in which you live. Try checking your DMV online or calling a local dealership.

Same with Michigan, hand signals is the only requirement for turning. I took mine off too and had a cop follow me for miles wondering what he could pull me over for. He didn't after all that, just left me alone.

Try the UFO drop dpwn tail light. It's so compact it's hard to break believe me I know , I've crashed every way possible and it's still there , with out a scratch.

Hey BLK-RFL , I like your pro -gun quote. Don't forget to make your contribution to the NRA and ILA , we are up against some stiff legislation this year and need to get the information out to the public on how the government is trying to take away our second ammendment rights. If you are an NRA or ILA member , you should have gotten your packet in the mail explaining the issues at hand. My check is going out in the mail today. Don't let them take away our second ammendment rights :) , send some cash for the cause.



GMAN, got you covered...

NRA - life member

GOA - member

SAF - member

Hey...maybe we need to start another O/T posting, and check to see the number of NRA members that also ride DRZ's!!!

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