Canada CRF, Fact or Myth

Ok I'm in the market for a '03 CRF and I'm considering making the purchase across the border and I've been trying to figure out the differences between the U.S. Models and the Canada models this is what I have come up with so far.


softer front & rear springs and progressive rate springs

different tires

If anybody knows of any other differences please let me know or if any of the above are false let me know .

Last but not least if anyone knows where I can get 03 CRF for less than 5500 shipped to Chicago please let me know.


My Can 03 has pirelli tires (that I like actually). They are great on soft groomed tracks but suck on medium to hard stuff.

I do not believe my spring rates are progressive. I have not heard anything about can bikes having progressive spring rates. If they did they would be yanked out of my bike faster then losing an ear in a mike tyson fight.

LOL! Koden,

I have a Canadian 450 as well and I think just the tires are the difference. This bike has the best suspension out of anything I have ridden! I really don't think the springs are progressive.

Tires and the end cap on the exhasut were the only differences on the bikes that I have found on my '02. HOWEVER, you get a box of "goodies", spare airfilter, oil filter, jets, piston, rings, there may be more, with the Canadian model if you get it shipped in the crate.

Go to and look under motorcycles. Then go to the northwest section on your search. There is a guy in n washington that has 03s for cheap. They are new in the box and he will ship. :)

Just drive across the border and buy one, I paid about $5200 ($8100Can, list). There is no tax or duty. I sure didn't get any extras like Teebird describes though, and I got it in the crate ('03).

I got a new 03 in the crate from Canada as well and did not get all the cool toys either. I got the bike, spoke wrench, spark plug wrench, kickstand and owners manual. :)

Mine is from Canada, and the crate was sealed shut. Didn't get all the cool parts, but Carmichael and Fonseca were in the box :)


mine was the same as mark's exept slower!!! :)

The spring rates are identical. The rear spring on stock Canadian and US modes IS progressive and a 5.6 Last years was a progressive 5.4. Progressive means that the rate changes as it compresses. The stock Honda ones are just that. I can feel the difference. I used a linear 5.4 rear spring from Race Tech on my '02 and it was the single best suspension mod I made (I had gold valves both ends)

Canadian models are IDENTICAL to US except for tires, owners manual, and warning labels. Suspension is not softer. Hope this helps.

Thank you all for your post this does help quit a bit about my decision to go Canadian. I feel much better knowing the only difference is the tires, which will wear out quickly anyway.


Damn. Looks like I'll be changing my shock spring tonight.


Thank you Antman... Love your posts... Always good info.

shoots antman brah!

how does your rental business work out for you? :) just curious.

My Canadian CRF came with a hockey stick, 2 liters of maple syrup and a rifle rack.

Works just fine. I find that I don't rent it as much as I thought I might (good for me). My brother owns a shop here in Utah, and he rents all sorts of stuff (mostly 4 wheelers), and he rents it out for me.

The idea was that it would pay the payment, which is the reason my wife finally let me buy one. So If I don't rent it, I don't have it. Tough place to be since we have an agreement (with the wife) that says, if it doesn't pay at least 5 of the next 9 months payments I have to sell it.


My brother said that I shouldn't worry about it though, he said it took at least a month for people to know that he had raptors etc, before they really started renting too. The other problem is that we/he really needs to get another bike since it isn't that fun to go with a buddy and he is on a 4 wheeler and you are on a bike. So hopefully in the spring, my bro will spring for a YZ450F, which should help with the rental big time.

Anyway, that is the scoop.

Oh, by the way the pic you are trying to attach needs to not have an extension of jpeg, and funpix doesn't let you change this, so you will want to change the pic type to a gif, and it will work for you.

Let me know if you need help doing this and I can change the pic type for you, and then email it back, you can then upload it and set your pointer at it and it will work for you.

Good Times!!

If your looking to register your Canadian CRF in Ca. good luck. I purchased an 02' and have been totally unsucessful.

My local DMV did register it and I did receive a green sticker. When it came to to receiving my new pink slip in my name Sacramento DMV said no chance. They want proof that the bike meets California EPA and D.O.T. standards. In order to get that you have to contact Honda of Canada and get a letter. Have receved no calls back. So if you dont mind not registering it and only want a good deal than go for it.

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