07 wr450 setup

hey just wondering if anyone can tell me about the gray wire mod, throttle stop mod and the baffle mod.

also if i do the exhaust mod can it still be road legal and will it be able to be changed back wen i go off road and the throttle stop mod were is the stop on the carb?

Welcome to the WR board, now get to work :busted:. The stickies at the top of the topic list will provide you with all the direction you need in order to set up your bike properly. Take an hour or two and read them thoroughly. Click on the various links and read them too. I have tried to make them as comprehensive as humanly possible. The one thing they need to start putting in magazines when discussing the WR is this: Not only do you have to do the "Free Mods" in order for the bike to run at its full potential, but it also comes with homework now, thanks to TT. Trust me, it's time well spent :banghead:...SC

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