Don't know what to say

I haven't posted anything here yet because i just didn't know what to say. You can't hardly do a search without running into one of Garrett's post. I never met him or talked to him; but, i found his site extremely helpful. I always wanted to send him a email or somthing telling him thanks for the info. He touched alot of people and alot of people will remember and miss him, I think he made good use of the little bit of time he had here. It really shows that being a good person and helping people really does matter, Bird

sorry i think i put this in the wrong place.


This is the right place for your post. This is where we come to express how we feel and how Garrett effected our lives, if only through the web site and his posts to TT. Welcome to the Thumper Talk family. We may seem a bit disfunctional at times but we still manage to have fun too. Keep posting to the forum and threads of your choice and stay with us.


Bill Barnard

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