Light blue wire and gas tank

I have been glued to this site for 3 days (since I found it) and I hear a lot about grey/blue wires and YZ timing. Can anyone give me a quick briefing on the advantages? I have a 2001 WR426. Thanks.


First let me welcome you to the hood.. The brotherhood that is.. second, not to sound rude. But please check out the archives, type in grey wire. You will get about 3-days worth of reading. also check out throttle stop. In a nutshell, these two items are an EPA thing to bring WR's into the USA. Your bike will rip when these are removed.Then if you need help, come on back. Everybody will be more than happy to help anyway they can. Oh yea, look up YZ timing, BK mod, airbox lid removed. The jury is still out re: the light blue wire improving spark. I was just about to post re: that info.


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