IMS Footpegs

Can anyone tell me the actual name of the IMS pegs that are lower and further back. Also i think i saw in MXA that you can buy an aftermarket bracket that sets the pegs back and lower.

I did go to the IMS site but it is rubbish and out of date: I REALLY HATE THAT :)

I would really like a set but have seen a lot of dramas about fitting them and the wrong parts being packaged or missing parts in the order.

I have nothing against the company and believe after reading this forum that they are honest trustworthy people but living overseas its just a big drama if something is wrong. Fastway do not have a distributor here so it makes it even harder. I may email them or even phone them again because i really would like a set. Its not the finacials i am nervous about at all.

IMS do have a distributor here but they are as out of date and brain dead as their website. Distributors in Australia really only want to sell you what they have and hate going out of there way to help you in any sort of fashion.....this is not a generalization either.

Since I once had about 30 pairs of them in my house you'd think I'd know the exact answer to your question...da*n I hate concussions.

I believe they are just called the Gary Bailey IMS Pro Series pegs. You can get them from Gary bailey: (scroll down)

but Antman said you can probably get them directly from IMS for less. If you call them just ask for the Gary Bailey low and back pegs.

Here's the deal on them...they come with pegs and replacement brackets. If you just mount the pegs it will move them back 1/2" from stock, but not down. If you mount the new brackets and pegs it will move them down 1/2" from stock, but not back. It is one or the other. I personally liked just the pegs mounted, with them moved straight back.

I nearly broke a foot by folding it under the pegs trying to double something that wasn't meant to be a double...I was way forward on the bike trying to get the front end over the landing when I cased it. If my pegs had been any lower I would have broken my foot easily, so I will not run lower pegs. It is probably great for more sedate riding, but if you're pushing the limits sometimes on big mx/sx obstacles it's not worth the risk to me. Moving them back 1/2" though gives more room from where you stand to where you grip the bars and made it much more comfortable for a tall guy like me(easier to shift too), and I am getting another set of them for my '03. They are super sturdy, with none of the breakage problems some of the fastway pegs have had, and the teeth are shark tooth sharp! They will eat boots quicker, but you won't slip off.

If you want low AND back though Fastway is the only way to go. Hope that helps.

Thanks guys, i have all the info i need and am now making an informed decision :)


Yes IMS offers a peg & mount that lowers & moves the peg back. I have them on my bike the the fit was perfect. There called IMS PRO SERIES FOOT PEGS / part # 292220-KIT. The position from stock is as follows -7.5mm (5/16") LOWER & 6.5mm (1/4") BACK

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