Krieg V2 Wheels

Has anyone tried these wheels or known someone who has? I was wondering how they compare to the stock YZ450 wheels. I have searched the internet and found nothing. I found selling them very cheap. Anyone?

Well I can't speak for Krieg wheels they look ok. I learned the hard way you get what you pay for on wheels. I bought a Warp9 wheel and was SADLY

dissapointed. The sprocket it came with wore out rite away. The brake disk

bent for no apperant reason and the spokes busted one after another. The

hole WARP9 experiance was very bad. Thats why a good wheel costs $500

plus and a warp9 cost $350.

ya I second the warp 9 wheels suck. Mine came with a bad manufactured hub so my brake rotor didn't mount even and the rotor rubber like crazy. Poor poor quality, excels on talon hubs, bad experience too, taco firs day, what a waist. Im sticking with factory excels now and no more over shooting 60 foot doubles by 20 feet anymore. Maybe that was the caused of the tacoing. J/K. But ya Warp 9 suck. And pro wheels suck to.

its totally dependent on the riding conditions and rider. you nail a big rock with ANY wheel, youll ruin it. over shoot a huge jump and land flat from 30, 40, 50 ft up, youll ruin the wheel...... on the other hand, ive had GREAT luck with pro-wheels. dunno if its cause i lace em myself and take the time to do it right or what.

then everyone says Excels are the best...but to no suprise, they bend, taco, ding, just like the others.

the trick to keeping wheels straight and strong is maintenance and care.

^^^^ Good post. Your exactly right. Any rim will bend, pancake or ding under the right (or should I say wrong) conditions.

on the other hand, TMAC had a manufacturing issue with a say thats an exception. i personally try to use OEM hubs as much as possible. ive just always had good luck with pretty much every combo ive built though.

heres the latest set of prowheels i laced....thousands of miles on em and still true to .005in.


I just got my front wheel in (Krieg V1) and it looks pretty dam good to be honest! Over sized spokes, billet hub, looks well built, seems to be a nice setup for the price. My bike is still striped down & I haven't got the rear yet but I think these are going to work out great for the price..

I have Excel wheels with RAD spokes and nipples and havent had a problem yet. Spokes stay tight and hardly ever have to tighten. Black rims do chip though...thats where a sharpie comes in hand:p . On my next bike, I'm going to try the Excel A60's.

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