Does anyone work in the medical field???

I was just wondering if anyone is a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, etc and own or ride bikes? I don’t think allot of people in the medical profession have time or would be interested in riding. I personally don’t know anyone that does. People in the medical field are really serious about their jobs (which is good) and wont do anything to harm themselves.

I love the sport, next year I will be applying to dentistry school but I don’t think I will ever dislike riding. I will probably need to take a short break while im in grad school but i will be up and riding in no time. I hope my gpa stays up, if not then i will be forced to do Pharmacy or Optometry.

Im not a doctor or anything but for a couple of months i used to check and pack injectables for Faulding Australia if that makes you feel any better.

Let me also add, a job is only there to accommodate your toys wether it be a ferarri? or a yamaha

I'm an ER doctor - I think that there is clearly a risk when you ride, but you only live once. I have disability insurance if it comes to that, but I feel if you ride within your limits, your chance of injury is greatly decreased.

Good luck with school, my wife's a dentist and she loves it. I can't, for the life of me, get her on a bike though!

Remember, just because you made some choices to do a little more school than other people doesn't mean you have to be a nerd or a dork. Whatever you choose to do, it's only a job - get a bike and live life to the fullest.

Later, Bud

Before I was married I considered myself a amateur gynecologist :)

Got to agree with Ridin MD...I'm not a doc, but one of my riding buddies is. He's an urgent care physician and loves to ride any place, any time (that his wife lets him). The guy is a good rider, and basically just makes sure he's always riding within his limits. Plus I really like riding with him...for some reason I feel a little more secure knowing I've got an MD to help me when I have an unexpected get off! :)

No I don't think they do.

So wait a minute, my optometrist could be a dentistry flunk out? :D I'll never let him give me a glacoma test again! :)

Really make you wonder about the proctologist!!!

I am a No Cal anesthesiologist. I am on my 6th xr. 4 of my anesthesia buddies ride xr's. An ortho surg in town has a DRZ400. My kids orthodontist just got a exc525. The local oral surgeon rides a DRZ400. Lots of docs ride. They tend to avoid the street though.

The wife and I are both RN's. Does that count???? Seriously though, I know a few Dr's who don't ride because of the risk. But also know a few who are envious of riders and plan to get back into it. My wife rides and rips it up :)

When I pee it burns. My wife told me to stop hanging out at truck stops.

My wife is an ER nurse. I bought her a TT 250 a couple of years back and I couldn't even get her to sling a leg over it. But hey she still lets me and the kids ride,, and somtimes when my groin hurts after riding,she rubs it..

Can't get a date,get a nurse

My wife has the TTR250 also. Awesome bike. Great to play on and faster in the tight than my WR.

I'm a paramedic/firefighter and I go riding with tons of other paramedics. We don't worry about hurting ourselves; we just ride within our means. It's one of the reasons I became a firefighter; we're only scheduled 10 days a month which leaves 20 other days to ride...or surf, or golf, or go to the river....etc.

-Jimbo. I ride a 2002 KTM 520 EXC - It's awesome!!!

oops i almost forgot, at one stage i was a mechanic for the ambulance service victoria, Melbourne Australia, ha, no mechanics, no emergency service. :D:)

George Roberts! Thats to good bro, thats a good one. :D:)

Local bike shop had a low hours DRZ400 for sale.. local doctor bought two bikes, one for him and his son. Son fell off and hurt his arm a bit (broken i think) doctor brought both bikes back on monday. (or so the story is told) Your mileage may vary.

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