250F vrs 450F Test

OK first the qualifiers. The tester is a 60 year old ex pro who still rides seriously. Ridden and raced for 40 years at all levels. Track was natural terrain helped out with a lot of work by heavy equipment. The only supercross crap is a whoop section you can bypass if you desire. Table tops, big berms, ruts, bumps, high speed straights. A real MX track.

Couldn't pry the 03 250F off the sales floor so a well set up 02 had to do. The 450 was well broken in and set up for a vet racer.

Now the good part. Forget the 426, slightly heavy, abrupt power, slightly wide at the knees, sometimes a bear to start, etc. The 450 starts like a 2 stroke, has the best stock suspension I have ever ridden, fantastic brakes, great ergonomics, perfect shifting and gear ratios and pulls like a train. I went faster on the 450 than the 250. For three laps. Then the effort required to ride like a real racer took over and I slowed down. On the 250 it took until the 8 lap mark for terminal fatique to set in.

Bottom line..... If you are in good shape and ride aggressively, get the big guy. If you want to ride aggressively for a lot longer, go with the baby brother.

Sigh, to be 40 again. Thanks to Roger and Graham for the test fleet.


Wow 60 years old and still riding,Thats great.I think Weight and Horsepower can both work against your stamina.My 426 just pulls and the constant strain of keeping it straight in the tight stuff will hurt ya! How much does this Vet Pro weigh?

165 lbs. I have many hours on 426's and get tired a lot quicker than the 450. Neat bike.



Nice ride report, so true..........

My 250F is the BEST bike I've ever owned or rode.

But, I'll be giving my own ride report in the near future :)

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