02 YZ426F Stator Questions...


Will the lighting stator off of a WR250 work on a YZ426? :banghead:

Thank you,


Looking at the fiche they are different part numbers. I have not tried it personally, but doubt that they will cross over.

The stator and flywheel that you want is either a 2000 WR400 or a 2001-2002 WR426. These are both 130 Watt max AC stators that will work with your YZ. I am using a 2000 model and also purchased the matching CDI and wiring harness. You can use the YZ CDI with modifications.

Very good, I really appriciate the help.

I just saw an eline kit on ebay if you're interested.

Thank you very much!

I just saw an eline kit on ebay if you're interested.

Well, I bought it. It doesn't have any instructions so I hope E-Line will help me out with some. I emailed them late today so I should hear from them next week. The kit maybe missing a keyway and I hope nothing else. The kit also includes a new shifter to clear the stator housing that sticks out. The guy also had a YZ426F 2000-02 Kick-it Kickstand that I picked up minus the 2mounting bolts. Thanks again for your help and wish me luck...


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