98 YZ400F street legal?????

Anyone know the best way to convert from MX to a street legal dual sport setup? These rising gas prices are making me consider doing this, so just wanna know the best way to do it.

First research the laws in your state. Many of the states have different laws regarding what equipment your bike will need. For example, some states require turn signals and others don't. Then after you figure that out do a search here on TT to find out how to attach everything to your bike and make it all work.

FYI my street legal '06 450 only gets about 30 miles/gallon. Better than a V-8 but not as good as many 4-cylinder cars. But its a lot more fun than all of them.

Check out the Trick Dual Sport kit. I believe it's sold in the TT store.

Baja Designs also makes DS kits, but I hear that the Trick kits are easier to install and more complete.

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