My neck, my back, my neck and my back!!!

I just finished my first oil and filter change on the 450. What is that all about? Who set that procedure up? Holy crap... I think my spine almost fell out.. I'm sure it will get easier when I get the procedure down but this first time was a bitch. And of course the oil tank screen was totally clean. It is real rewarding when you take out one of the little drain screws and 1 tablespoon of oil drains out... Wheew, glad I got that out of my engine. :)

I know what you're saying mama. I was bitching too the first time I changed oil on mine. Each time you do it is less painful.

It would hurt alot more if you don't change it!!!!!


i think changing sparkplug is a lot harder on my back, than changing feels like my spine is going to snap everytime i flip bike upside down in order to get the sparkplug to fall the way does anyone know a good way to keep gas from spilling out when bike is upside down.


That is funny!!! I haven't heard that in a long time!! You have to remind me.....what movie is that from???

I love the name Yamama....

My mama? No! Yamama! You talkin bout my mama? :)

Very original


You've watched Friday too many times!!!!!

The subject: "My neck, my back, my neck and my back!!!" comes from the movie Friday. Friday is the greatest movie of all time. I laugh just thinking about it. Some of the sayings are just classic. If you have not seen it, go rent it.

Regarding my username "YAMAMA" I just want people to know what I ride... YaMama! Don't forget it!


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