SoCal Riders

Any SoCal riders up for a mid-week ride to Gorman or the Dez? Let me know. I'm also recruiting from the other camp (the WR boyz) just in case you KTM owners have to work all the time. Any takers?

This week is shot, and so is all of next week. But after that.....I am game! Hit me on the email and add me to your riders list. I always try my best to get away from work!

My schedule is jammed this week and next so I can't go. But, I am often able to get away for mid-week rides given enough notice so please keep me in mind.

That said, I am interested in riding this weekend. Any interest in a Gorman ride on Sat/Sun the 12th or 13th? If yes, just send a PM.

EM Rider,

Can't do this weekend. Just made plans eariler today, which does not include riding. What's your mid-week schedule look like next week or the following? Or that matter, for October, November, etc., etc. I was thinking about hooking up with a riding club for a ride next Saturday/Sunday in the Barstow area.

'02 520MXC

'02 200EXC

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