Couple Questions here about 426 parts...

Hey all,

Happy Holidays!

I'm ordering a few parts for my ride.

1. Is the front brake line the same as the YZ? The MSR brake line looks good, but the Motosport website doesn't have one listed for the WR, but does have one for the YZ. Any ideas?

2. What clutch cable to use? Mine requires tons of effort. I lubed the cable but is still not as easy as the WR 250 I'm comparing to. Though the 250 is very new. Any ideas on how to reduece clutch effort without going hydraulic?

3. On my wife's bike, a 2001 WR250, I have to change the bars. I want to go PRO Taper but do not know what bend to get. She is a little tallel, 5'10".

What is the stock bend for the pro tapers? Or recommendations for bends...



Hi Art, I used a YZ braided line on the front of my ol'426 and it worked fine, you will need to do some creative routing though and fab a bracket or two. As for the clutch I believe the answers you seek are in here.

On the bars for the WR250 I assume you mean the traditional 1 1/8" bars in which case you will need bar adapters which will raise the bars about an inch. I don't know the stock Yamaha bend but I have found the CR high bend or the Woods Hi bend to be good for me anyway. I like the bars rotated forward a bit so I appreciate a little more sweep in the bend.

Good luck with your mods.

WR Dave,

Thanks for the info. The clutch mods are something to look into. I'll probably do those mods when I have the bike apart this season. What I really wanted to figure out was why the clutch was difficult to pull, and would a clutch cable wear out inside creating more friction. I'm getting a new clutch lever with bearing to also help.

I'm pretty much sold on the Pro Taper EVO bars. Anyone elso got any advice on bends?

The front brake line apears to be a YZ style when comparing to the newer (less used) WR250. Is there an aftermarket guide that bolts to the triple clamp in the stock position? Mine seems to be missing.

Thanks again,


The inner sheild could be binding on the clutch cable if is worn or broken, I would take a very close look at the cable routing to be sure it isn't too tight somewhere or been tye strapped to something at an awkward angle. Cables need to have a bit of room to move.Maybe try this gizmo out?!

Not sure what you mean by an aftermarket guide though. Go here to see if the part you need is listed.

WR Dave.

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