Pour it in and let it out !!

Well, I wasted some good oil the other day in a dumb move. Checked the oil level (bike vertical, plug not screwed in)and it was below the minimum. Put about a 1/4 litre into my oil can and it all went in, still below the minimum. Hmmmmmm better put some more in. Added another 1/4 litre. Still below minimum. Added some more. Aaaahhh, finally just on the minimum. Started her up no problem. Let it run a while, turned her off and opened the plug...bloop, blurp, blup.....oil is spewing up and over. I check the level once its stopped farting at me and it way up near the top. I pretty much drained out what I had all just put in.

Call me dumbass, I deserve it.

I know now what I did wrong, but where does all that oil go when you let the bike sit and why does it go there ?

Thats a excellent question. One I have pondered but never asked.

I always put in the manual specified amount (1.6 L) and as long as I dont see it leaking anywhere I dont bother checking it because I know it is not going to be correct on the dipstick.

Great point. You want to KNOW your oil level is OK before you start the bike. But you have to first start the bike and let the (hopefully there) oil circulate awhile before the dipstick reading is meaningful.

What dipstick designed this? :)


Bonzai :)

After sitting for awhile the oil drains down into the engine. The manual says to idle engine for more than 3 minutes before you check the oil. If you are worried about oil being in there, you can take out a plug on the left side case, oil will dribble out. When you start it, you can slightly loosen the top bolt on the oil line that runs up to the top of the motor, oil will ooze out if it circulating. You will find this info in the manual, also.

Friend of mine just did the same thing with a DR 350 he bought.

So as long as oil is reaching the head it dosent matter where the oil is on your dipstick?

Or your just saying, untill it warms up then adjust the level on the dipstick. Right?

It's the same thing for all dry sump motorcycles.

If I'm not sure about the oil level I will just change it. When I first got the bike I experimented with oil volumes to find the right amount that would put the level on the dipstick where I wanted it and wrote it down for future reference.

After the old oil is drained, I just pour 1505cc's of fresh stuff down the hole and forget about it. This amount is for just an oil change. If a new filter is installed, then more oil is required (something like 1660cc's, I have it written down in my manual). I just did this last night, so I remember 1505cc thing is correct. Using a Ratio Right (what two stroke guys use to mix gas and oil), I can get accurate measurements but I still have to guess on the 5cc's. :)

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