Steering Stabilizers

Hey Folks... I've had my WR for a while now and thinking about getting a steering stabilizer for it. Which ones do you prefer? What are the +/-'s? Anything to look for? I'm favoring the Scotts right now because the guy I bought my bike from had a scotts damper on it & kept just the damper for his new bike. Any reason to even consider others? How much difference will there be anyway? Stability of this bike is really not an issue and will only shake at really high speeds, 85+mph.

Hi here is a copy of what I recently replied to in the YZ forum

I have a Scotts with triple clamp and Pro tapers

This is a far more important purchase than a Pipe or any other after market parts.

The damper will give you much more stability and confidence

Mine has paid for itself on what it saved me in medical bills, On an off road race I hit a rock Flat out in top gear, The Bike jumped in the air tried to shake its head, landed and off we went with brown pants and a very buckled rim.

This damper works so well that i am to scared to try any other make.

After a decent helmet this should be you next purchase

Just my $4.50 worth

I have had good luck with WER. Now I don't have it mounted on my 400 but on my YZ250. I have had this unit since 97 and have had a few rebuilds done on it. The WER mounts on top of your front fender and is not easily adjustable, has never been an issue for me. Its cheaper than a Scotts.

The Scotts mounts on top of your handlebars and is adjustable on the go. It also has more settings. But its more dollars too.

Hi Steve,

I can vouche for Scotts Damper. I love mine. Wouldn't think of riding without one again. I can't comment on the others as I have only limited experience with the GPR and none with the WER.

I decided on the bracket mounted damper and have had no problems thus far.

If you decide to buy Scott's you won't be sorry.


I have a WER on my WR250F and a Scotts on my CRF. Both are good units. The WER is really beneficial in talus field rocks. I have never had headshake on either bike.

I dont like either mounting. You choose between possibly faceplanting into the scotts or butchering your front # plate or headlight. The Scotts is better if you have two bikes-you can switch it in 1 minute from its top position. You can mount the scotts on the fender too.

The mounting I do like is this unit, its also suposedly lighter and very easy to adjust on the fly. Has anyone tried it?

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