Reliability of a WR426

I have read enough threads on the CRF250s and 450s to scare me away due to maintenance issues (both the X and R models). How reliable is the WR426? I am thinking about a 2001 model for woods riding.

It's one of the most reliable bikes out there, as long as the maintenance history has been impeccable. Too many buy it and ride it guys don't do enough maintenance to keep valve settings and oil changes in check. If you know the history, no problem , if not then consider the price carefully as a neglected bike of any brand can cost you. Regular service is key to a long lasting 4 stroke dirtbike. WR Dave.

Thanks Dave; I have a feeling that the maint. history is slim to none though.

In that case unless the price is VERY low, or your feeling lucky I would take a pass and find something more cared for. My .02 -- WR Dave

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