Anyone using a Helmet Camera?

I think sirthumpalot is has nailed the glitch problem "loopout" and "00 in calgary" are having. We were selling last years canon line (specifically the ZR-20) with our kits and we had some problems with that. This year they have replaced that line with the 02 model being the ZR-40 and ZR-45. We haven't had any glitches this year. It may have been a problem with the design / support structure of the head.

Hope this helps


right on rono! using the exact same set up and am very happy as well. only problem is the cover for the input jack dangles on the cam. not a problem if using a protective case. what editing software are you using?

Hi Racinace,

Could you describe in more detail the functions/capabilities of the remote and how you would use it? In particular does it deal with or avoid having the camera shut down (self battery saving feature) if you hit a long stretch of road, or re-awaken it, or is it just a start/stop record-button type affair? (still an -extremely- useful and needed function).

As a tip, in cold weather the fanny pack warms up and keeps you warm. In hot weather be careful not to overheat your camera/VTR. Also, dust is baaaad! Even in a supposedly closed bag/fanny pack, dust will get in somehow gritting up zippers, switches, contacts etc. I don't have a complete solution worked out for dust. Or pouring rain. Maybe next season.

Also, do you run a softer foam or medium or hard? I run very soft with the VTR behind me in a fannypack. I found on the front that it would get smacked into the handlebars or bang on the tank (crunch!) or eventually manage to bounce on a certain part of my anatomy (crunch!! ouch in a high voice!)


I have Pinnacle Studio DV 7, it works really well. I also have Adobe Premier but haven't had a chance to sit down and learn the program. I also have a few other programs that are not the easiest to use. Pinnacle works good for making home movies and such, Adobe is what the video guys here at work use for professional editing.

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