Motard Squid

New to this Motard concept.

Been road racing a bit, want to mix it up a little.

looking to buy a 03 DRZ400S for a commuter and also

A little Motard on the weekends. Any suggestions on wheel

set ups? Ive been checking for pricing on

Excel wheels ,Talon Hubs,and Bulldog Spokes.

Any one have this setup on there DRZ? if so how do you like it?

what kinda brake setup? Does some one make a bracket that

just off sets the stock caliper to fit an oversized roter?

can I use Suzuki DRZ gearing on Talon


Oh boy I have many questions. thanks in advance

A buddy of mine is racing with a 400 DRZ as he is a mechanic in a Suz' shop. He is using excell rims and Tallon hubs, size are 4.5*17 rear and 3.5*17 front. He uses Suzuki gearing on the tallon hubs. If you aren't racing, the stock caliper with and oversized rotor (300mm) is enough.

pics of his bike are available on our Web site, adress is below in my signature, but sorry it is in french

Superbiker, I am thinking of the same thing. Here is my current list of goodies :)

1. KLX400SR, or DRZ400S

2. MotoConnection wheelset in black

3. MotoMaster 320mm Racing brakes

4. Yoshimura 450 kit with Ti Pipe and Carbon Can.

5. Avon Azaro SP AV49 in 120 / 70-17 and AV50 in 150 / 60-17

6. Acerbis SM front fender

7. DRZ FCR Carb

8. anything else you can think up!


If any of you guys want the bracket to offset your stock caliper for a 320mm disc, i have one for sale.

I'm asking $50 AUD which is about $25 US.

It's gold anodized and 'as new'. Looks very nice!

Mike. :)

You could get wheels & Talon caliper bracket from ==>

or, you could keep an eye out for second hand stuff. Be prepared to wait a long time though.

I just picked up wheels, tyres, caliper bracket, sprockets and a whole lot of other stuff of someone on the visor down forums and i am chuffed :)


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