steel clutch line installation

I just bought a moose steel clutch line for my 02 exc400, seems like there was an issue with the washers, any intallation help would be useful, thanks- James

I'm not sure about the Moose line but the EE line I've installed a couple of times. You had to use the 2 crush washers that came with the new hose along with the 2 that were on the OEM line to get them lower bango bolt to be tight without bottoming. It's pretty easy to tell if you'll need that or not.

The top of the EE line has a 90 degree elbow where it attaches to the clutch MC. You wanted to make sure that was pretty much touching the bars once you got the bolt tight. That was to avoid having a branch hit the elbow and breaking that bango bolt loose and loosing all your clutch pressure. I learned the hard way to follow the directions on that one. :)

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