Millenium technologies

Never used them for head work but they have replated two cylinders for notch work IMO. They do the work for a couple pro offroad teams I think.

I like the idea of doing heads on a 5 axis mill...they should come out real nice..

Millenium Tech does good work, but they are slower than Ivan Tedesco.

I had MX-Time do the head work on my wifes bike. They bead blasted it, did a 3 angle valve job, installed new Faction valves/springs & valve seals. They even reshimmed the valves and got the head ready to install. All this was right at $500 with shipping included. Plus, it only took a couple days! :banghead:

They do great work from what I have seen...they part sponsor a local AMA superbike team.

ive used them 3 or 4 times in the past, ALWAYS highly satisfied!!!

slow???? not a chance.

I always have used their core-exchange service. Call them up, tell them what you need, and they ship it to you. When you get the box, you put your core in there, send it back, and they credit your card the core fee.

i have always been very happy with their service.

my .02.

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