Radiator guard questions

Okay just want to make sure I have this right before I place an order -

The Devol radiator guards will not fit the S model without some modifications?

The Thumper Racing radiator guards fit the S model just fine?

Do the Works Connection radiator guards fit the S model at all? (can't get their website to work)



Devol guards will NOT fit the S without modifications.

Thumper Racing guards fit the S perfectly.

To my knowledge, the works guards will NOT fit the S.


The works guards(brace) barely fit on the left side of my 2002 E. I'll probably send them a note just to let them know. top radiator hose pushes HARD against the brace. I'm a little worried that in time the brace may cut into the hose :)

The WORKS CONNECTION guards will not fit the 'S' model, due to the cooling fan, the horn, and the difference in mounting strategy between the E, kicker, and S. The usual choice I have seen is the thumper racing parts for an 'S' model. If you delete the fan, horn, and switch to an aftermarket or E / kicker tank, you could make it work. It is probably not worth it though.

I just got the thumper guards and really like them. Perfect fit, easy install, good protection. At first look, it seems like they'd still allow the rad to flex back since they mount to the front only, but actually they're real strong and provide more back/front flex stability than you'd think...

Call them to order - their computer system / online store doesn't work very well yet, I had some shipping problems as a result.

I put the Thumper Racing Guards on about a month ago. They fit fine. WC braces go behind and do not fit because of fans and horn on S. If anyone finds a brace that will work on S, please post.

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