I would love to take these to those street events that our good freind WildFX does. I could be known is the "SPARKING IDIOT, those are for the snow" It could be cool. Watch corners though, something sais they are prone to low-side.


looks like a homeade snow set, now all I need is a way to mount

my snowboard to the back of my bike and some heated clothing...;-)

For our bikes you'll need a least these



This is something I have to try this winter :)

If you stay on snowmachine trails it's a hell of a lot easier :) Like riding on a paved sidewalk. Around here riding in the winter also opens up a whole bunch of new trail systems that you can not get to in the summer unless you like water crossing (ponds/wet marsh land)

That's why I stay on the snowmachine trails. Deep snow is almost a no go :) Nothing like seeing the faces on the snowmobilers when I come down the trail :D

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