Does Yosh sell just the header/connector pipes?

I may have the opportunity to buy a used Yoshimura pipe off an E model, but I have an S model. Question is, does anyone know if I can order just the "S" header and "S" connector pipe from Yosh?

I believe the system that may be for sale is a regular stainless steel slip-on with the quiet end cap.


GCVT, I heard that the S pipe and E pipe are different diameters, but that was only what I heard. What I do know is that the 'E' silencer will not fit your 'S' correctly at the rear footpeg mount. I know Yosh will sell you the header pipe, but it might take a phone call. All they advertise is the full system, but if you wadded up a Yosh system and all you needed was the header, they would give it to you. With all the fooling around you will have to do for the silencer fitment, maybe check Ebay for a full system meant for your 'S' model.

well gcvt , what did Yosh. say? i have a simular situation.

Not for nothing.. I e-mailed yosh like 3 times about different problems and never heard anything from them. Maybee wrong e- mail adress???

The E and S pipe diameters are different; the E is 3mm larger. So if you really want the slip on, get that and a E header....something like the Whit Bros one from, they are only $114: either that or a used E headpipe. I also think you may need one of those know-fear brackets for the passenger peg mount, but maybe the slip on can bolt right up to it? I don't really know. You also need to know if this "E" pipe has the mid section, all the way up to the header-pipe connection clamp. If it's a "slip on" they usually do but make sure. :D

PS don't even bother emailing Yoshimura; I have tried at least 10 times over the last few months about their 450 kit but I got absolutly NOTHING back from them!!! :)

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