Bike seized, then unseized.....?

I was out riding and doing some hill climbing on my 06 YZ450F. But anyways I was turning around after climbing a monster of a hill and the bike died. I tryed to kick it over and it was stuck. I think I am going to hell with how much cursing I did. Well after sliding down the hill I said the heck with it and I tryed to kick it over. It fired right back up. Any one have this happen to them before? If so what happened?

That sounds like it. But the bike was also crazy fast that day. The tell tail sign of the engine getting ready to grenade.

More like perfect weather for your jetting sync'ing up with your biorhythms. :banghead:

Gray you saved me a lot of work. thanks a lot!!!!:busted::banghead:

If you clutch drags the normal amount with a dead engine, it may be enough to get the engine to rotate back down from the compression stroke enough to release the decomp pin.

Otherwise, the only thing you can do is apply a steady, heavy pressure to the kick crank, and wait for it to leak through the stroke. Once it goes past TDC and down a ways, it should free right up and act normal.

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