Comon Folks

I just became a bronze member and i want to skip the que to titanium member, what do i have to do????

You just have to post on every single forum at least 7 times a day for the next 215 days.

Now go get busy....

Or do like our Ol' Buddy EGO does and drink lots of black coffee and go on a 50 post a day TT marathon for 30 day's then throttle back to 10-20 a day... he he he.... :)

Thats our hero...The Titanium Bandit :D

Bonzai :D


I script it all out :)

I cant drink coffee and type at the same time :D

Hummm Me thinks Bonds-eye guy is poking fun of me :D

Nah, y'all got it figured wrong he's really got a dedicated server programed to post every 15 minutes. He just ocasionally pops in to wax poetic and add a witty riposte :)

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