ttr 125 front and back sprockets

does anyone know of a real good, cheap website where I can buy a back sprocket? I ordered a ttr 125 rear sprocket from this website for $30 and the damn thing didn't even fit on the back wheel. So I need a website that auctually knows what they are selling.

Sunstar, Sprocket specialist, Sidewinder, or stock Yamaha I wouldnt go with any thig different.

BBR sells sproket specalist. hope this helps

I checked with my local Yamaha dealer for my 2005 TTR 250, and was informed that the only "upgrade" to the sprockets would be for the front sprocket. Mine has 14 teeth stock, and they could order a 13 tooth. They said that Yamaha did not offer anything for the rear sprocket.

I have not yet ordered the front, but am thinking about it. It runs somewhere around $10. Thanks,

I have a Brand new Sprocket specialist sprocket I would be willing to get rid of.

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