Yamaha interchangeable Hubs

Anyone know if 94 YZ250 front hub will work with my YZ426f forks/axle/rotor/caliper?

Also i would like to know which hubs are interchangeable between the YZ models over the years...

All Yamaha hubs are the same now. 94 wont work but 98 up will.. I wouldn't put the forks and all the other components on it cause the new age parts are better than 94, your 426 is a 200-2002 right?

'96 and up front wheels will work, although you may need to use the axle spacer specific to the bike it's going into, and there may be differences in the brake rotor prior to '98.

'99 and up rear wheels will work, but here it is definitely necessary to us the correct axle spacers for the bike, as there are different ones for each of the 3 major re-designs.

1998 REAR wont work. they used a 20mm axle and the 99-newer have the 22mm axles.

i just need the hubs i have to look for 1999 and later then....

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